Custom Planar Magnetics

Our staff is capable of creating various types of transformers and magnetics, even if they need to customize the design based on the client’s request. Custom planar magnetics is designed to use a flat conductor (i.e. PCB) rather than an ordinary set of round magnet wire With this alternative in pace, it will reducing the general profile for this particular component.
The technology of custom planar magnetics contains typical applications, including flyback topologies (For applications that are considered “lower power”) and half-bridge or forward convertors (For applications that are considered “higher power”). Manufacturers would be able to benefit from using this technology as well, especially for those who operate with switching power magnetics and depend on such a low-profile component.
Custom planar magnetic possesses many advantages, such as:
  • Being cost-efficient
  • Containing the ability to control leakage inductance and capacitance
  • Containing a proven record that it will still remain in great condition while being used multiple times.
  • Being high in reliability
  • Being flexible in output pin out
  • Being built with a structure that is considered “low profile”.
Custom Planar Magnetics and Environmental Testing:
Since Payne-Magnetics designs are used in the harshest environments in the fields of Aviation, Defense, Industrial, and Medical, we are determined to test all of our magnetics to be sure they are qualified through Mil-PRF-27, Inductors, and Transformers General Specifications. Also, Mil-STD-981 is a test we use that we believe is a great indicator to perfect Custom Electromagnetic Devices in the Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Standards that are necessary for excellent Space Applications. MIL-STD-202 is the test method for both Electrical and Electronic Component Parts. Payne-Magnetics been there when the product are being tested by Highly Accelerated Life Testing, (HALT), per MIL-STD-202. The planars that we have built have been tested from 200G mechanical shock in all of its three axes, to random vibration, to 40Grms up to eight hours in each plane it is destined to be in. We also test our products through moisture resistance and thermal shock in various temperatures and altitudes. To make sure our custom planar magnetics are guaranteed to be in top quality, Payne-Magnetics also performs other tests that include corona discharge, solderability, and resistance to solvents. Our facility also conducts a test known as Highy Accelerated Stress Screening, (HASS). HASS, which is an abbreviated form of HALT, is basically an ongoing screening test that is performed when production is in progress. When HASS is initiated, our staff verifies whether the units in production can still function while being constructed. It is another method to let us know if the custom planar magnetics can operate in harsh environments, even when it is not completely built yet.
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